Linh Nguyen

i.MX28 evk linux microphone issue

Discussion created by Linh Nguyen on Apr 10, 2012

Hi all,


I'm running linux (ltib) on i.MX28 evk board. alsa libs & utils have installed. The output sound is very good quality. But I can't use microphone. I have found the same issue in freescale forum

This is my sound cards information:

# cat /proc/asound/cards

0 [mxsevk ]: SGTL5000 - mxs-evk
mxs-evk (SGTL5000)
1 [mxsevk_1 ]: mxs spdif - mxs-evk
mxs-evk (mxs spdif)


Does anyone can use microphone with this board??? If you have any ideas please share me. Thanks & Regards.