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MPC5200 large flash boot

Question asked by Jim Alexanderson on May 15, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2008 by Jon Keeble
I just upgraded my board from 16Mbyte-8bit FLASH to 64Mbyte-16bit FLASH (S29GL512N).  I can not get it to boot, has anyone else tried booting from this size flash?

My boot jumpers are set to: non-mux, 16bit data, no swap, Max wait, 0x100 boot exception, Large_fl selected, most_graphics not selected.

My config changed as follows:
BOOTSTR:  from-FF00 to-FC00
CSBOOTCR: from-00047800  to-00047D00

The interesting thing is that with the CodeWarrior USB-TAP I can burn and verify the flash.  But when I try to execute, or inspect flash I get garbage.

The biggest question is:  Has anyone booted in LARGE FLASH mode?

Thanks in advance for your reply.