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touchscreen loosing drag&drop grip (HW issue) on QSB-R

Discussion created by Simonas L. on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by Simonas L.

Hello all,


On non-Ripley QSBs touchscreen (resistive MCIMX28LCD) works fine (using Adeneo's 4.2 Android BSP).

On Ripley boards (I am using SCH-27104 Rev B 700-27104 Rev X5 S/N: K1141229399-710) with the same LCD+ts, I cannot perform swipe operations (one of many cases: I cannot unlock Android's the screen, because once pressed on touchscreen, it looses its grip. Same with dragging icons around the home screens). To complicate things further, this behaviour is intermittent.

Has anyone else ran into such problems, and hopefully found a solution?


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