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slow USB transfers

Discussion created by Timo Wedde on Mar 29, 2012
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Hi all!


In our company we develop and distribute USB cameras for industrial use. At the moment I am involved in a project that aims on evaluating the usage of our cameras on mobile processors. 

We have the i.MX 53 Quick Start Board, with Windows Embedded Compact 7. Adeneo BSP.


To access the device, we are using Jungo WinDriver for CE and also tested Thesycon USBIO.


The problem we are facing is that we only get very small amounts of data without data loss. E.g. an amount of ~8000 Byte is Ok. This would be a resolution of ca. 64x64 pixels.

Larger amounts produce data loss. The same driver and user software on an x86 platform also works with large data amounts.

Now I have to evaluate, where this issue comes from. Is it a hardware issue (bus, processor,...)?

Could it be a driver issue?


I would appreciate any hint about USB transfer speeds on this board. If anyone has experience with USB usage on this hardware, please share your knowledge.


Additionally I should mention, that there is no additional buffer memory in our hardware. It is only the Bulk-Pipe FIFO.


Thanks in advance,