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Discussion created by Kirill Brilliantov on Mar 31, 2012
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I have build and install GStreamer and Freescale plugins for GStreamer and now I have to encode video in H264 and view it from another host via RTSP stream.

But I di not found H264 encoder in Freescale codeclib, only H264 decoder.
$ ls -F rpm/BUILD/fsl-mm-codeclib-2.0.3/docs/
aac_dec/      g.726/                                      mpeg2_dec/
bmp_dec/      g.729ab/                                    MPEG4ASP_dec/
bsac_dec/     gif_dec/                                    nb_amr/
deinterlace/  h264_dec/                                   oggvorbis_dec/
EULA.txt*     jpeg_dec/                                   parser_common_api/
flac_dec/     jpeg_enc/                                   png_dec/
g.711/        Linux_Multimedia_Framework_User_Guide.pdf*  sbc_enc/
g.723/        mp3_dec/                                    vpu/
$ ls -F rpm/BUILD/fsl-mm-codeclib-2.0.3/ghdr/
aacd_dec_interface.h*   g723_enc_api.h*        nb_amr_dec_api.h*
aac_parser/             g726_dec_api.h*        nb_amr_enc_api.h*
avcd_dec_api.h*         g726_enc_api.h*        oggvorbis_dec_api.h*
bmp_interface.h*        g729_dec_api.h*        oggvorbis_dec_os_types.h*
bsacd_dec_interface.h*  g729_enc_api.h*        peq_ppp_interface.h*
common/                 gif_dec_interface.h*   png_dec_interface.h*
deinterlace_api.h*      jpeg_dec_interface.h*  png_type.h*
flac_dec_interface.h*   jpeg_enc_interface.h*  ppp_interface.h*
flac_parser/            mp3_dec_interface.h*   render_type.h*
g711_dec_api.h*         mp3_parser/            sbc/
g711_enc_api.h*         mp3_parser_v2/         src_ppp_interface.h*
g711_type.h*            mpeg2_dec_api.h*       wav_parser/
g723_common_api.h*      mpeg4_asp_api.h*       wbamr_dec_interface.h*
g723_dec_api.h*         nb_amr_common_api.h*   wbamr_enc_interface.h*


Where can I found documentation on H264 encoder and it headers?

Thank you and exuse me my bad english.