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Problems using m_recv

Discussion created by Gregorio Lopez on May 11, 2007
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We have programmed a very simple application to get familiarized with NicheTask,  InterNiche TCP/IP stack and M52235EVB ethernet interface.  We have a kind of server running in a linux machine and we have inserted a task in the OS of our board that is basically an active socket  that connects to the server, sends it a message and TRIES TO receive its answer.  The server actually sends a message answering,  but the problem is that our board always receives 0 bytes.   Can someone help us?

Our task and an ethereal capture are attached.  It is not very sophisticated since it is our first test ;-)!

On the other hand, we would like to execute this task each time the bottom SW1 for instance is pressed.  Have anybody any idea about how this could be done?

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PD: is our kirin2e