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MX50 EVK RD3 boot from u-boot in EIM mode (non-KPP mode)

Discussion created by Peter Thoeming on Mar 23, 2012

Hello all,


I'm trying to install u-boot, kernel 2.6.35 from 11.09.01 release, and eventually, a UBIFS partition into a Micron MT29F8G08ABABA.

Thus far, I have successfully loaded binary images into /dev/mtd0 and /dev/mtd1 and through my ucl.xml script, I have issued hexdump commands so I may get a glimpse.


I've made the same changes to nand_id and nand_device_info in u-boot code, as in the kernel code.

I'm using the following CONFIG statements in mx50_rd3.h for u-boot:

+#define CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_LEN        (CONFIG_ENV_SIZE + 2 * 1024 * 1024)

+/* Enable below configure when supporting nand */


-#define CONFIG_ENV_SECT_SIZE    (8 * 1024)
+#define CONFIG_ENV_SECT_SIZE    (128 * 1024)
... #if defined(CONFIG_FSL_ENV_IN_NAND)
     #define CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN_NAND 1
-    #define CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET    0x200000
+    #define CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET    0x100000

The u-boot.bin image adata looks similar as my original u-boot.bin file, but modified somehow. I am assuming that is being caused by the BCH function, but I have no way to be sure.

Also, it looks very similar to other u-boot.bin images I have found in MMC and in the MFG tool dirs (after installation of the tool).


that said, I am unable to fid the 0x4E434220 fingerprint pattern listed in any of them, despite the fact that Table 6-11 claims that anything related to NAND boot should have that pattern in the Flash Control block structure (FCB) starting at byte 4.


I've tried the following switch settings for cfg1,2,3 (sw5,4,3), but all of my boots results in a return to USB boot from my XP-based MFG-tool (yes, I am returning S1 to 2'b0 for internal boot after I program!!!):

1: 8'h89

2: 8'h00 or 8'h40

3: 8'h01 or 8'h00


NOTE: I am using 89 instead of 88 because i am NOT trying to use the Keypad IO and I have not changed my IOMUX to try to use the keypad IO. I am using the EIM_DA8,9,10,14 signals with the assumption that UART2_RX returns to 1'b1 before the vector changes to try to boot from NAND FLASH!


I did add 10K resistors to R231 and R234.


1. does anyone have a u-boot.bin image for NAND FLASH that will boot an MX50 RD3 EVK in this configuration?

2. if yes, can you share your dipswitch settings also?


thanks to anyone that can help here...


best regards,