Peter Keintzel

Android: Where to start?

Discussion created by Peter Keintzel on Mar 20, 2012


I am using the iMX53 QSB and need to support our custom LVDS (SXGA) display. Unfortunately the Android demo image (Adeneo 4.2) supports only XGA. In this case (as far as I know at the moment) I need to build my own Android image (?).

After installing the latest Adeneo BSP (4.2) I have run the script "$ ./". Unfortunately the script is not able to download the Android code from Linaro. I have read a lot of postings (changing the repo source to google, using the source from FreeScale..)  but - to be honest - I am totaly confused .

So, what is the best starting point to build my own Android image for the i.MX53 QSB (Adeneo BSP?, FreeScale? Linaro or any other vendor?)

Regards Peter