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Create semi-custom camera interface Very quickly

Discussion created by Aaron Linsdau on Mar 20, 2012
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My timeline has been collapsed to perhaps a level.  What was planned for months is now 2 weeks.  I need to create an interface driver to a basic camera on the CS0 port and have that data streamed over to a very large (128GB) SD card on the Quick Start Board.  It's a customer issue but that's beside the point.  Is this even possible?  I've contacted Timesys about doing this and they've burned up nearly a week thinking about it, code for not going to get it done.

All (haha) I need to do is grab 8-bit RGB data off the CS0 port and block-write that data to a huge SD card.  Nothing more fancy than that.  The data is formatted with Vsync and Hsync progressive.  I can parse the data later but I have to capture that data in a horrible hurry.  It's very slow, 256x256 RGB at 30fps.  In microcontroller land this would have been very easy for me but up in Linux world, it's a whole other story.

I'm committed to work crazy hours to get this done but I need lots of guidance!  Is there a camera port configuration guide how-to?  How do I activate the camera expansion slot on the QSB?  If I can get the data buffered, then it's "just" getting the data onto a regular but big SD card on the QSB.  Any help is greatly appreciated!!!