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[i.MX516] How to use "Active HIGH Interrupt from INT6 from GPIO"

Discussion created by Jiang Jianyu on Mar 18, 2012

I am using i.MX516 multimedia processor to develop a product, and want to use GPIO1_6 to detect external signal.

After reading [MCIMX51RM.pdf], I found there's following description in [Chapter 3 Interrupts and DMA Events].


43 GPIO1 Active HIGH Interrupt from INT6 from GPIO


So, I request an IRQ in 'mx51_babbage.c' like this:

    request_irq(irq, xxx_int, 0, "xxx", NULL);

However, xxx_int() never been called when GPIO1_6 becomes high.

Is there anybody can tell me what's wrong with this?



If I use the combined interrupt:


50 GPIO1 Combined interrupt indication for GPIO1 signal 0 throughout 15


It works, but which is not what I want ---- I want to use a dedicated interrupt because I plan to use it as FIQ.