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Stuck at Animated  Android logo  at end of boot!

Question asked by MIKE PETERSEN on Mar 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by MIKE PETERSEN

Hello everybody!

I've been working on an Updated Rev of the Mx51 BBG board (fixing a poor DDR2 layout) and upon booting (off SD) the system the system gets stuck during boot at the (scrolling) Animated Android logo.

I've carefully compared the boot logs on a functioning rev1 PCB against the Rev2 and they are identical (save the audio chip - not loaded on this rev2, and the Freeing list entry.... msgs at the end of the boot).

I've also ran through the system via the console port and all appears similar correct.


Has anybody come across this type of behavior?   (and better yet know what items result in this behavior?).


Thanks in advance for your thoughts!