Jay William Stubblefield

Can't build kernel with minicom via LTIB for i.MX28

Discussion created by Jay William Stubblefield on Mar 16, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by Balaji Venkatachalam


  I am trying to add minicom to my kernel so that I can run a Terminal Emulation program and easily test the communications with the serial device connected to the EVK's HOST USB port. When I tried adding minicom via LTIB and building, it can't find minicom (see listing below). Any idea where I can pick up this pkg?




Processing: minicom


Build path taken because: no prebuilt rpm, Testing network connectivity No network download connection available

Can't get: minicom_2.2.orig.tar.gz at ./ltib line 790.

f_buildrpms() returned an error, exiting traceback:  main:560

Started: Fri Mar 16 14:09:15 2012 Ended:   Fri Mar 16 14:13:57 2012 Elapsed: 282 seconds

These packages failed to build: minicom

Build Failed

Exiting on error or interrupt