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Problems with Processor Expert and MCS912DG256

Discussion created by Mark Filson on May 10, 2007
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Firstly I am a new user to Codewarrior and PE.  I do however know C.

I am part of a team that is attempting to communicate with 3 devices and output with PWM.

The communication is performed on two SPI interfaces (an accelerometer and a yaw sensor) and also the AN00 ADC device available on chip.

My problems are:
1.  The yaw and accelerometers require 16 bits of data to be sent and recieved with the SS pin low.  When using sendChar its only low (obviously) for the first 8 bits.  When I use sendChar twice the SS is high momentarily before returning to low.  Since I do not have interrupts enabled I cannot use the SendBlock() function and even if I were, it appears that the data still will not  be clocked correctly.  Can someone advise me either with a code segment or a setting that can be changed?

2. The ATD is NOT working.  Its very simple really, I am using the ATD on pin AN00 and I am applying a signal to the correct pin (and my grounds are tied together).  In fact, I have an eval board that uses the MC9S12DT256 and it still does not communicate even when checking the pins listed on the user guide.  The problem is when stepping through  with the debugger, the measurement is attempted but the atd_stat? register is never cleared/set whatever when its waiting for the measurement.  This is the same with interrupts disabled.  This really should not be hard to do.  Can anyone advise me to proper settings perhaps?   I think that there is something wrong with PE because Im getting identical results on my board and the eval board.

This has brought my project to a halt and I'm at the final week :eek:

Thanks much in advance,