How to use pre-built images of android on i.MX5X?

Discussion created by KrishnaPavan on Mar 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2012 by ARUN KUMAR THARANICHELVAN


I have downloaded Android Source Code & Demo Images.

I would like to go with the usage of prebuilt images!

  • I have u-boot.bin and uImage [pre-built images]
  • Android file system:
  • Initramfs:  imx51_BBG/SD/uramdisk.img
  • System root:  imx51_BBG/SD/system.img
  • Data: imx51_BBG/SD/recovery.img

I know how to load the u-boot.bin & uImage at a particular partition. the same we did with LTIB, I guess!

How to load the rootfs, & How to make use of the above listed images like initramfs?


Please Suggest!