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UART CTS RTS not detecting

Question asked by Raana on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by johan malfait

I am using i.MX53 processor in my design. I am using linux- kernel i.MX53 as BSP.
I am testing UART3(RS232) with RTS and CTS. If I disable RTS/CTS control flag(CRTSCTS). In this case I am able to transmit and receive the data through the UART3 port.
In this case if I enable RTS/CTS control flag (CRTSCTS ), the data transmission and reception is not happening.
Please let me know how to test the UART3 with the above scenario.  Is there any application to test UART3 with RTS/CTS?

NOTE: I am using Software controlled-Hardware flow control(Handshaking control)

Please let me know whether this is enough? Or do i need to enable anything else on the driver side?