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Discussion created by Gary Poole on May 9, 2007
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I have a requirement to perform a continuous on-line GALPAT memory test. I can't afford to spend too much time performing the test so i was planning on testing one byte per background loop. However, here in lies a problem, without using the stack, i don't see any way of getting parameters into the GALPAT test routine or returning them to their original state after the test.

I've had a look at :-

Where a suggestion was made to split the memory up into 32 byte blocks. However, this wouldn't allow me to test for coupling faults outside of the 32 byte block being tested.

Coding is currently in C but i guess 'm looking at an assembler solution.

Based on the MC9S08's limited register set, i'm beginning to wonder if a full test is actually possible.

Any thoughts much appreciated