Allen Yang

questions about building image for M5329EVB with BSP

Discussion created by Allen Yang on May 9, 2007
Latest reply on May 15, 2007 by JOHN ADAMSON
I downloaded M5329EVB uClinux BSP from freescale website. I installed the BSP on a Fedora Core 6 Linux PC. When I input command "./ltib", it says GCC compiler cannot be found.
There are some questions:
1) Other than BSP, do I need to download GCC, uClinux kernel package... from other places to build my application firmware? In other words, does BSP have everything (GCC tools, uClinux kernel, TCP/IP stack, nano-X...)?
2) Is there a step by step instructions on how to setup the development environment for M5329EVB uClinux BSP?