Balaji Sivakumar

IMX6 Based Custom Board_WEIM_CS0_S29GL01S NOR Flash_U-boot flah info fails

Discussion created by Balaji Sivakumar on Mar 10, 2012

I am Balaji.  am using IMX6 base custom board. In my board am using S29GL01GS
NOR Flash to store u-boot and kernel. I understand from the data sheet this NOR Flash is CFI based on. So i have added Configurations for CFI Flash driver.

NOR Flash is connected to Weim bus Chip select 0 and its data bus is 16 bit(D15:D31). i have added Wrim bus io mux config in the board file(mx6q_saberlite_board.c) and also chip select 0 initialization

Currently am loading the U-boot into DDR3 and able to excute U-boot test commands. When i put flinfo , am getting "missing or unknow flash type" and
while loading the u-boot it is printing as " Unknown flash on BANK 1 - Size -
0MB". So am not sure what am missing here or i have to add anything extra in
the config file. Please request you to check and provide your suggestion




Balaji S