Gabriel Huau

HW Reset on i.MX53

Discussion created by Gabriel Huau on Mar 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by Fabio Estevam

Hi all,

I found a problem about the i.MX53 initialization code of ESDCTL (flash_header.S).

I reset in a loop with u-boot (bootcmd reset and bootdelay 0) and at a random time, the board is crashed (generally a few seconds). With the help of a LED, I found that was just after :

REG_LD_AND_STR_OP(43, 0x01c, 0x04008040)

I don't really know what does this code do, but I tried to understand the command with the Reference Manual. It seems that there is an error, because when I decode "0x04008040", the CMD is "100" so 0x4 and there is no command 0x4 ...

If I put some delay after it (a lot of nop), it seems to work (not sure).

I'm using the latest u-boot with "ENGR00155891 : Fix reboot stress test failed issue".

Could someone give some explications about the CMD 0x4 please ?