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How to record audio from MIC-IN channel on i.MX53 SABRE AI board in QNX BSP -blog archive

Discussion created by Oliver Chen Employee on Mar 8, 2012

In QNX BSP, the MIC-IN 1-2 inputs in the far corner of the SabreAI board are working. The audio capture path on the Sabre AI is treated as a single 4 channel capture device, not 2 independent stereo capture devices. So, to capture the audio data coming in on that jack you must (at the application side) configure the stream for a 4 channel capture; the first two channels in the stream will be the LINE data, and the back 2 channels will be the MIC data. In the case where you configure the stream for fewer then 4 channels, the audio library will drop the additional channels to give you what you ask for.