Victor Lan

Could I add different resolution module to support my monitor on i.MX53QSB?

Discussion created by Victor Lan on Mar 8, 2012

Hi everyone

I am not sure the question whether anyone met before


Here,I have a i.MX53QSB and a "MCIMXHDMICARD" which can output with HDMI signal attached monitor.


Now, I want to attached my monitors which resolution are 1280*800 & 1024*600 on i.MX53QSB using HDMI daughter card.


But from the Release note shown as the attached (file name: Release Notes r4.2 page15),the HDMI just can support 720p and 1080p resolution

So I fonud the folder from the android source code shown as the attached (file name: path.png)


then found the "mx53_loco.c" have many video mode shown as the attached (file name: mx53-loco_c.doc  page 8~12)

Could I add additional resolution to mx53_loco.c in order to fetch my panel EDID code then show the full screen?




any method & information could provide me kindly?


thx anyone help