Running Linux obtained from Freescale BSP [LTIB] for i.MX5X on qemu for ARM!

Discussion created by KrishnaPavan on Mar 8, 2012
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Even though I have a i.MX5X board, I would like to use the complete system on QEMU.

There are certain packages like qemu-system-arm provided by Canonical for Ubuntu & the same from Linaro as well.

I have u-boot bootloader, uImage kernel.

But we will require the kernel only, with a machine specified as realview-pb-a8 as it it the only machine with Cortex-A8 support available or beagle from the one from Linaro-Qemu.

Problem is with the rootfs. qemu-system-arm requires rootfs.img/rootfs.img.gz


How to get the rootfs?


Has any one prepared the rootfs in the required format?


Has anyone tried with the uImage & rootfs that are usually got from the BSP from Freescale on qemu-system-arm?


Please Suggest!