Yong Chang

Strange IfxElementProperty contents when creating plug-in element

Discussion created by Yong Chang on Mar 5, 2012

Hi all,


I'm trying to create a buffered-mode plug-in element. I got successfully load the theme in Express as well as the target device with correct preview. As the same as IfxPhotopicker example, the element's size is 144x144. I set the plugin element's property in Express as

In all layouts > Extent Hint > X = 144,

In all layouts > Extent Hint > Y = 144,

In all layouts > Resource > Event Handler = "rearview://"


Everythig looked fine before I checked the pProperty in createElement_rearview(). It says

pProperty has a structure that says mode=0, requiredBufferHeight=0, requiredBufferWidth=144, translucency=144. For some reasons after all, when changeElementMode is called, the pContext has width=1, height=144.


Can anyone have a clue of this problem?

Thanks in advance,