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adding pacage (winexe) to cross compile with ltib for qsb

Discussion created by snir nisim on Mar 4, 2012

hello everyone,

I'm trying to add a package to use with Ltib. the package is "winexe".

I've downloaded it from this link:

I've followed LtibFaq page in this link:

and  the steps were:

1)downloading the package (from above link)

2)mv winexe-1.00.tar.gz /opt/freescale/pkgs/

3)mkdir dist/lfs-5.1/winexe

4)cp dist/lfs-5.1/template/template.spec dist/lfs-5.1/winexe/winexe.spec

5)edit the winexe.spec file as attached. ad described in this link of the installation commands:

6)ran  ./ltib -m prep -p winexe --> succeeded

7)ran ./ltib -m scbuild -p winexe -->failed.

the terminal log is attached also in "terminal_log.txt" file.

i think it something with the dependencies path (python...) but i don't know how to point it to the correct path. (I've installed python with ltib so i have python 2.4 in my rootfs but winexe don't know about it....)

can someone please help me with this...




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