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MC9S08AW16 on CW 5.1 after patch

Discussion created by Rick Shaich on May 7, 2007
Latest reply on May 8, 2007 by Alban Rampon
Forgive me for posting twice, I posted in the wrong place before.

I am starting a new design with CW and a MC9S08AW16.
I am new to both parts - and honestly a hardware person, not software, but since this design is simple I thought I should brush up on my C and just pester my software person n with Engineer programmer jokes

Anyway I installed the CW08_V5_1_HCS08_AW60_SP.exe patch (why did the update feature not know to install this?) so I can now do the AW16.
I have also read the TN247.ppt I found on this forum.

My question is that it appears that the Processor Expert works for the AW32 but not the AW16. I wonder if I should make this a AW32 project then port to AW16 to use Processor Expert or do I not really need those features? Is there some way to get processor expert to work for the AW16?  Anyone updated TN247 for PE since the AW60 patch?


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