Andrea Pastega

NAND Flash compatibility - ECC on iMX25 or flash-embedded?

Discussion created by Andrea Pastega on Feb 28, 2012
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We are designing a product employing a NAND flash as boot/storage device.

We are planning to use a Micron MT29F1G08ABADAWP or a Samsung K9F1G08U0D-S.

Both are SLC 1Gbit 2K+64 memories, so apparently the are fully compatible and interchangeable.

However I think there's a difference on the ECC internal correction, because as far as I understand

Micron uses 4-bit ECC, while Samsung 1-bit ECC.

It's not clear to me if iMX25 uses only it's internal ECC engine, or if it can use the flash-embedded ECC correction. In the first case I suppose that the spare will be completely managed by the iMX25, so the compatibility of both memory types should be assured... In the other case, the different ECC colaculation method could be a problem?

And what about booting the iMX25 from a NAND flash? If I change memory type I would need a different configuration to use the flash-internal ECC engine, or it's not used so both memories will be compatibleout-of-the-box?

Please help me to clarify the ECC operation on the iMX25...