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MPC555 QSPI register

Question asked by Christian Schwarz on May 7, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2007 by Leblanc Meneses
I´m trying to set up a QSPI communication with the MPC555 (master) and a Fujitsu Microcontroller (slave). I wrote an external c-function in which I set the registers (global reg, control reg, ...). In Simulink I created a method to read these registers an send it via CAN (just to control, if its set correctly). But every time I set just a single bit in the control register 2 or 3 I don´t receive an answer from the called functions. As if the communication was disabled or something... I already took care of the fact to write the registers in the specified order, but I can´t find a solution. Does anybody know, how to initialize the QSPI or is it supposed to be that way???
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