Tony Papadimitriou

9S08GB/GT Flash Block Protection.  Verification needed.

Discussion created by Tony Papadimitriou on May 7, 2007
Latest reply on May 8, 2007 by David Payne
Based on a question in another forum, and after running some tests on a real device, it appears the manual for GB/GT series (MC9S08GB60.PDF) is incorrect or incomplete.

Table 4-8 shows %110 and %111 to protect the exact same range (upper 32768 bytes), but my test on a 9s08GB60 device shows that %111 protects ALL but the 1920 bytes from the start of Flash to the High Registers, leaving everything at or above $182C protected.  This is very convenient for many applications that need a small area of Flash for variables.

Anyone can verify this?

And there is still the question of where the redirected vectors in the %111 case would go.