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MC9S12DT128 - Flash security

Discussion created by Bhavana Yarlagadda on May 7, 2007
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Hey All
I am working on hcs12(MC9S12DT128) and i am using cosmic compiler and zap debugger.
From the datasheet i understood that setting the value 0xff or 0xfd or oxfc at address FFOE will secure my controller.
But whats happenening is by default the debugger is placing 0xFE(Unsecured mode) and when through program when i try to change this byte its giving me an error "error while programming the memory location 0x3fbf0e" .And when i try to program the controller again its not happening.
I have to unsecure the device and then i have to program
i gone thruogh all the posts in this forum there are few people who faced similar type of problem but it seems that there problem was solved by writing FC instead of FF and i too tried all the ways still not able to solve the problem. 
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