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Need SLCDC reference and resources.

Question asked by ajithpv on Feb 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2012 by Eric Kang

Hi all,
Our requirement is that the LCD module should be controlled through the SLCDC(Smart Liquid Crystal Display Controller) which support by the i.MX25 platform in linux-2.6.31 kernel.

We using i.MX257 processor and 'Brilliant Display VTM88766B' LCD module for achieving this requirement. The LCD module is 128x64 dots 8-bit monochrome LCD.


We got the information regarding the SLCDC and it's registers from the i.MX25RM document, but we couldn't able to locate the respective registers in the linux-2.6.31 kernel!

So, I hereby request you to provide the register reference in the respective kernel as well as  reference driver code for the SLCDC.

Thanks in advance

Ajith P V