Chuck McParland

Working Interniche example for m52235EVB

Discussion created by Chuck McParland on May 4, 2007
Latest reply on May 11, 2007 by Berluti Aldeen
    Just got one of two M52235EVB kits up and running w/PE USB interface
and Code Warrior 5.7.0  I can compile and load the M52235EVB.mcp
project.  Executes correctly.
    I have been trying to load the ColdFire_Lite.mcp project.  It appears
to compile correctly and loads onto target evb board.  But on execution,
it stops with:

Exception vector name: Address Error

after only a few instructions:


    /* Save off reset values of D0 and D1 */
    move.l  d0,d6
    move.l  d1,d7
    /* Initialize RAMBAR1: locate SRAM and validate it */
    move.l    #__SRAM,d0
    add.l   #0x21,d0
>> movec   d0,RAMBAR1

I'm guessing that the image is built for flash not sram..or
something like that.  But there is very little info about how
to change or select linker maps.

Is there a working CW project that demonstrates the Inter
Niche stack somewhere?