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908LJ12 - iam begineer - trying to load CW

Question asked by hasan mustafa on May 4, 2007
Latest reply on May 6, 2007 by hasan mustafa
Hi all
iam just tryen to use freescale controllers, iam very familier with PIC controllers and with Atmel controllers too, now i think i have to use freescale for cost issues,,,,,,,,
i tried to download CodeWarrior but my request rejected  - i don't know why-
now i don't know what to do, i need a compiler editor like MPLAB or Keil,
i just wanna use a sofware i can write assembly, and it tells me i write a wrong line
the problem is not bying the problem is trying,,,,,,,i need to try before i buy
iam intending to use 908LJ12 controller,,,,,,so any, any kind of help will be apretiated
1- i need compiler and debugger
2- i need samples for 908LJ12,,,, a very simple program; just make high and low on a pin -for now-

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