Ashwini Shetty

P&E BDM-Multilink not able to detect the target power with HCS08 board

Discussion created by Ashwini Shetty on May 4, 2007
Latest reply on May 14, 2007 by John Dowdell
hi all ,
i am having problem with the P&E BDM-Multilink cable,
when i plug the P&E BDM-Multilink cable to USB port of the CPU the blue LED gets detected and it glows. But when i connect the same to HCS08 board it doesnt get detected with target power ,because the yellow LED will not glow.
i have powered on the target board, then why still problem remains same even i tried with some 20 hCS08 boards.
so inorder to conclude that Multilink has gone bad , i tried the same BDM multilink with HCS12 board , but with it  it works fine and its easily able to download the code into the controller . so now where is the problem with the board or with the P&E cable????????????????
pls let me know on this as soon as possible.