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Software upgrade in android using recovery mode.

Discussion created by nitin vishnoi on Feb 20, 2012


I am trying to do the software upgrade in android using following update script.



ui_print("extract kernel image...");
package_extract_file("files/uImage", "/tmp/uImage");
# Write uImage to 1M position.
ui_print("writting kernel image");
simple_dd("/tmp/uImage", "/dev/block/mmcblk0", 1048576);

ui_print("extract uramdisk image...");
package_extract_file("files/uramdisk.img", "/tmp/uramdisk.img");
# Write uImage to 1M position.
ui_print("writting uramdisk image");
simple_dd("/tmp/uramdisk", "/dev/block/mmcblk0", 6291456);
show_progress(0.1, 5);




I tried other update scripts also.

But this above script i got from imx manual 10.3.2 but not getting why they are using simple_dd.

I tried dd but it fails in recovery mode of android,tried different different options for make it work but no luck.

Please suggest how it works in imx,if anybody have worked.