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Image generating by LTIB don't work

Discussion created by Dean Huang on Feb 20, 2012


I was building a image by LTIB and flash into microSD, but there is no any output on my screen.


The following is my step:


1. Using ubuntu virtual machine  image offered by FreeScale imx53 QSB DVD.


2. run litb and change the settings

  1. imx25_stack   ->  imx5x
  2. u-boot : mx53_loco

others use the default value.


And I have the files:





3. mount jffs2

  1. modprobe  mtdblock
  2. modprobe mtdram total_size=5120 erase_size=256
  3. dd if=rootfs.jffs2 of=/dev/mtdblock0
  4. mkdir jffs_dir
  5. mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock0 jffs_dir


4. copy file to microSD, named /dev/sdb

  1. dd if=rootfs/boot/u-boot.bin of=/dev/sdb bs=512
  2. dd if=rootfs/boot/uImageof=/dev/sdb bs=512 seek=2048


  1. fdisk /dev/sdb
  2. u
  3. n
  4. p
  5. 1
  6. 8192
  7. <enter>
  8. w

copy rootfs.jffs2

  1. mount /dev/sdb /mnt/hgfs
  2. cd jffs_dir
  3. cp -rpa * /mnt/hgfs
  4. umount //mnt/hgfs
  5. eject /dev/sdb


Are any step is wrong? Please tell me, thanks.



Attachment is the image file I build.

Original Attachment has been moved to: 326-rootfs.jffs2