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imx53 QSB - not booting up

Discussion created by Rajam R on Feb 18, 2012
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Hi all 


We have bought one Freescale Imx53 QSB last November and we have been using the same for our new hardware board design and software application development in Android. 


Suddenly we have been seeing issues with the board and sequence of observations are as follows:


i) first the unit was not receiving the characters through Uart serial port and we started fixing the bootargs in Uboot code for using HDMI interface. 


ii) recently the application was not coming up on both VGA and HDMI and we checked the boot log. We observed that the I2C communication with the PMIC has failed. 


Now we need the board in operating condition for our further proceedings. Is there a way to get it serviced/ replaced. 


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