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UART receive(Not able to receive more than 17 bytes)

Discussion created by omprakash cn on Feb 21, 2012

In u-boot uart receive code:FIFO ENABLED,TXE,RXE,UARTEN.

I'm trying to receive 100 bytes of data.
I'm facing problem in receiving more than 17 bytes of data.(once 17 bytes are received,STAT_RXFifoEmpty becomes=1.All the remaining bytes will  not be received)

RXIFLSEL = 0x2 by default. 
I have tried with RXIFLSEL= all the values below mentioned(DATASHEET INFO). But still facing above mentioned problem.
In my u-boot "ISR" is disabled.

 /* Calculate and set baudrate for mx233*/
    quot = (CONFIG_UARTAPP_CLK * 32)/ 57600; //3415
    REG_SET(uartapp2_base + UARTAPP_LINECTRL, (quot & 0x3f)<< 8);   //frac
    REG_SET(uartapp2_base + UARTAPP_LINECTRL, ((quot>>6) & 0xffff)<< 16);  //div 
Please let me know, where I'm missing.