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problems in erasing/programming  PC9S12XEP100 Flash blocks

Discussion created by Nader Galal on May 3, 2007
Latest reply on May 14, 2007 by Nader Galal
i'm using EVB9S12XEP100 which contains PC9S12XEP100 with mask set 0M48H.
i have a problem with erasing/programming the flash blocks.
in True-Time when i load an abs file i have the following messeg " attempt to run or to stepan application while flash modules are selected do you want to unselect allmodules and run/step" i choose yes or no and found no difference.
the problem is: when i open the flash window and trying to erase the ALL_PPAGES it always fails. also when i try to load an abs file it always fails at the verification.
in the flash window i find that ALL_PPAGES starts at 00C0,8000 and ends at 00FF,BFFF  !!
i think this is not implemented in my device (in the datasheet i found that FLASH range ends at 7F,FFFF)
True-Time chooses mcu02D3.fpp by default as a configuration file for flashing.
summary: i think that i cannot program or erase flash blocks starts from adress FFFF.

kindly help.