Steve Church

Device Initialisation TPM timer interrupt 9S08QG8

Discussion created by Steve Church on May 3, 2007
Latest reply on May 16, 2007 by David Payne
Hi, thanks to all those who've helped me so far.
Now I have got a program running I find its not doing what I expect. Basically I've set up a 1mS interrupt to toggle PB7 on my demo board and used Device Initialisation to set this up. In the interrupt I check for when 5000 interrupts have happened and toggle the o/p pin. I expect to see a toggle every 5 seconds but actually see a toggle every 54mS. I have set up the TMR in Device Initialisation as follows
Clock Settings
   Clock Source: Bus Rate Clock
   PreScaler = 1
   Modulo counter = 105c (which gives)
   Period 1mS

   Overflow Interrupt Enabled

PB7 was set up as o/p .

All other Bean parameters for TMR were unchanged.

What am I missing? Is there another Bean to sort out as well?