MC13892 LDO regulator control in standby mode -blog archive

Discussion created by PeterChan Employee on Feb 13, 2012

For system PMIC MC13892, you can select which LDO regulators to turn OFF when the system enters standby mode by setting VxSTBY bit in Regulator Mode 0 (reg 32) and Mode 1 (reg 33) registers.


In BSP, register masks REG_MODE_0_ALL_MASK and REG_MODE_1_ALL_MASK are defined in linux/arch/arm/mach-mx5/mx50_rdp_pmic_mc13892.c (mx50_arm2_pmic_mc13892.c for MX50 ARM2 configuration) and they will assign to MC13892 Regulator Mode 0 and Mode 1 registers during kernel startup.


If you want to keep the LDO power rail in standby mode, remove its bit mask from REG_MODE_x_ALL_MASK. Else, add its bit mask to REG_MODE_x_ALL_MASK to off the LDO power rail.


The regulator swtiching is automatically controlled by the external STANDBY pin to MC13892 from the system.