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enum variables and extern CW v for DSP56F801

Discussion created by Charles Barnes on Apr 30, 2007
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Target: DSP56F801FA60
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For my project I use a file to declare all of my global variables, data.c. I then reference all of these variables from data.h, which I include in every file.

This works fine for all my int, chars, etc. . .

However. I create an enum variable in data.c:

enum myenum
} enumvar;

I have tried multiple ways to reference this in data.h to make enumvar a global variable. However, I always get a compiler error.

At someone's suggesting, I declared the myenum type in data.h, but that give me a redeclaration compilation error.

I can't get this to work and I would really like that to be a global variable. Any help would be great.