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i.mx53 WinEC7: Switch audio between SGTL5000 and SPDIF

Discussion created by hb chen on Feb 13, 2012

Dear Experts

I am working @ i.mx53 serires project, OS is windows embedded compact 7 (winec7).

There are two audio output can be utilized in i.mx53 platform.
One is AUDIO_SGTL5000, the other one is SPDIF(through HDMI).
When playing audio, The audio output always comes form AUDIO_SGTL5000.
I must remove AUDIO_SGTL5000 driver to enable SPDIF out.

Some questions:

1) Can I change audio selection from AUDIO_SGTL5000 to SPDIF when playing audio if both driver exist ?

2) Can AUDIO_SGTL5000 and SPDIF both output audio at the same time ?