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problems burning 908GP32CPE using PROG08sz and ICS08

Discussion created by lemon limerk on Apr 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2010 by keshav murthy
I am using PROG08SZ software and ICS08 dev. board to program GP32CPE chips.
After passing all the security bits successfully and choosing the .08P file as 908_GP32_highspeed.08P, the following words appears:"Error writing block data to part.Disabling block write". Then the PROG08SZ software is too slow to reply any action that I click the mouse, so I have to use ctrl+alt+del and then kill this procedure.
Meantime, I use this software+hardware to program 908JL16 and LJ24 chips, everything is OK.
In CW5.1 for HC08 the same problem and indication appears.
Please help me, I do not know where is mistake.
snapshot of the error massege is attacked here below.
Thanks a lot.
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