spi dataflash issues

Discussion created by GNSS 吴 on Feb 8, 2012
First of all, I compiled the driver of SPI NORFLASH into the kernel,and the system up and running from NANDFLASH,then I found that the SPI NORFLASH normally detectable, file device nodes(/dev/mtd2,/dev/mtdblock2), as follows: mxs-spi mxs-spi.0: Max possible speed 24000 = 24000000/2 kHz mtd_dataflash spi1.0: AT45DB321x (4224 KBytes) pagesize 528 bytes, OTP mxs-spi mxs-spi.0: at 0x80014000 mapped to 0xF0014000, irq=84, bus 1, DMA ver_major 4 After I downloaded mtd_debug into the system, this command can be burned the into the SPI NORFLASH.I jumper to the SPI2 go to start the board(0010), the SPI Flash connected ssp2, but did not start any of the information. I understand: 1.Since I can boot from NANDFLASH, so that no problem. As long as the correct jumper, they can start from the SPI FLASH. 2.mtd_dataflash spi1.0: AT45DB321x (4224 KBytes) pagesize 528 bytes, OTP This information is spi1.0, I obviously use SSP2, here I can not understand. Who can give me some tips?Thanks!!!!!