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linker paths

Discussion created by John Griswold on Apr 26, 2007
Latest reply on May 10, 2007 by Alban Rampon
OK, I've read through the archives, I've contacted Tech Support, and I've never been able to solve this problem. My project has several targets ( 36 at the present time), four of which are libraries. I need the application targets to link against the generated library targets - and I prefer that no explicit paths be used.

I tried setting Target/Access Paths/User Paths to {Project}/bin ( as suggested by Tech Support) but the linker doesn't find the libraries. I have to force the linker to find the libraries by setting Linker/GNU Linker/Linker flags to -L /path/ProjectName/bin where /path/ProjectName is where the .mcp file (and thus the "Project") is.

That's inconvenient - if I want to do a snapshot build and not roil the files in my sandbox, I have to either rename directories, or make a sandbox in /path/SomeOtherProjectName and twiddle all of the targets' Linker flags to -L /path/SomeOtherProjectName/bin .

Is there any chance of getting this to work correctly?