Derek Dai

Windowed video playback and OSD implement

Discussion created by Derek Dai on Feb 5, 2012

I am trying to implement on imx53

  • Video preview in window
  • OSD menu (full screen video playback)

mfw_isink and mfw_v4lsink implemented GstXOverlay, so, in theory, we can output video via these two sink on specified x window (gst_x_overlay_set_window_handle()).


After some try and error, I found that

  • mfw_v4lsink always play full screen, no other windows can be seen
  • mfw_isink can play in specified window.
    • If no VSALPHA setted, other window can overlay on top of video
    • if VSALPHA setted, no window can overlay on top of video

Since I found mfw_isink has following issues

  • Frame rate not high as mfw_v4lsink
  • Color depth not the same as origin video

So mfw_v4lsink is better choice than mfw_isink. Dose anyone know how to playback with mfw_v4lsink and draw graphics/windows on top of it? Thanks!

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