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Section declared in a source code is not shown in the memory map file

Discussion created by Yuri Petriaev on Apr 25, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2007 by Yuri Petriaev
I use CodeWarrior Development Studio for ColdFire Verstion 6.3, Build 14.
My target is MCF5307.
I have section declaration in my source (C) code:
#pragma define_section constdata ".constdata" far_absolute RX
__declspec(CONST)static const uint16_t crcTable[8] = {
 0x0000, 0x1021, 0x2042, 0x3063, 0x4084, 0x50a5, 0x60c6, 0x70e7
My link command file has following statement
} > sdram
This section is not shown in the memory map file.
Does anyone has idea what the problem might be?
How do declare section in CW for ColdFire so it actually works?