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New Android R10.3.2 Patch BSP for i.MX51 and i.MX53 -blog archive

Discussion created by Enrique Ochoa Vazquez Employee on Feb 3, 2012
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The new Android R10.3.2 patch release is now available on the www.freescale.com page.

  • Files available



IMX5X_R10_32_ANDROID_DOCSBUNDLEAndroid BSP Documentation. Includes Android R10.3.2 Release Notes and User's Guide


IMX5X_R10_32_ANDROID_SOURCECODEAndroid R10.3.2 Demo Image, documentation and Source Code for BSP and Codecs..


ACCP_CODECS_ANDROID_10_32ACC Plus Codec for Android  R10.3.2



  • Target HW boards
    • i.MX51 EVK 
    • i.MX53 SMD
  • What we got in this release
    • New Features and Improvements
      • PPPoE new feature is included
      • Memory management Tuning
        • Reduce the probability of large block memory allocation failure in Dual display case, Video playback, and Video recorder case.
        • Make more free space to User Space Application.
        • Reduce the probability of 3D application failure due to no texture memory available.
        • Configure the memory layout for different user cases in uBoot command line.
      • WIFI SDK upgrade to AR6kSDK.build_3.1_RC.563.
      • New microcode and optimized GPU libs
        • Improve 3D performance, Quadrant 3D score improve 20% (from 267 to 318).
      • Improvement on the stability of reboot. 
      • Change all sensor as early_suspend devices and Enable PMIC RTC to replace the MX53 SRTC to fix the issue of saved date/time lost when power off
      • Camera quality and performance improvement. Take picture is more faster comparing to R10.3.1 and quality is better.
      • Graphic manager update for bug fixing in Ogg codec and AAC codec


    • What are the main issues left
      • For known issues and limitations please consult the release notes.