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Need to program MC68HC908AS32ACFN - Desperately need help!

Discussion created by Michael Vitayanuvatti on Apr 24, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2007 by bigmac

I have a bunch of MC68HC908AS32ACFN MCU's I need to program for a product line we have acquired. I'm very late on the project. This is new to me. I'm more of a programmer than an electrician. I have the latest Codewarrior for the HC08. I just need to get the code on the chips. I have a P&E 68HC08 MONO8 device, but thats only half the solution. I've tried to wire it to a chip socket... but not doing to well. Is there a 52-pin PLCC adapter that will accept the above MCU and a MONO8 header? Or a complete all-in-one board setup? Almost everything I see out there are for 64-pin QFP versions.

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