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5282 Ports

Discussion created by Luis Martinez on Apr 24, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2007 by Tang Qiwei
All of the ports that I like to used like IN PUT port I can't use them like IN PUT as PORTB, PORTC, PORTD and this registers are of 8 bits
#define MCF5282_GPIO_PBCDPAR   (*(vuint8  *)(void *)(&__IPSBAR[0x100050]))
and using the similar instrution of program:
int main()
   MCF5282_GPIO_PBCDPAR = 0x00
    MCF5282_GPIO_DDRC = 0X00;   //IN PUT PORT
        MCF5282_GPIO_PORTB =    MCF5282_GPIO_PORTC;
return 0;
With the last program I can do that the PORTB oun the data that the PORTC recive, I don't know if the declaration of the register are in a wrong way or what if some body have an example of program that declarete a IN PUT port I will be thanksful :smileyvery-happy: